10 reasons why to study in a boarding school in Switzerland
13 September 2019

An international boarding school education in Switzerland is a life-transforming experience. The friendships formed on a campus of more than 30 nations will help shape the rest of a young person’s life. School becomes their community, their home away from home. The choice of school, therefore, must be a family decision and it is a choice inextricably bound up with questions of location and the value it attaches to children’s learning, their well-being and their prospects for the future. Finding the right boarding school for your child is a challenging undertaking.

10 reasons why to study in a boarding school in Switzerland

1. Safe and Healthy Environment

These days, many parts of the world experience unrest, sometimes on a daily basis. Switzerland is exceptionally secure with a long history of neutrality and discretion for its citizens, expats, and visitors. Students can learn and grow with the assurance that their safety is guaranteed. The boarding philosophy of HIF Swiss International School is a warrant for personal safety.

2. Swiss educational excellence

Switzerland has boasted an exceptional reputation for world-class education for centuries with families from all over the world sending their children here to get a safe, well-rounded, challenging, and life-enriching school experience.

3. Access to the best universities in Switzerland and in the World

There are students from over 100 nations who currently study in international schools in Switzerland. These schools offer programs that follow the curriculum of the Cambridge IGCSEInternational BaccalaureateSwiss Matura, German Abitur, French Baccalaureate, British A-Levels and American High School/SATs. These comprehensive and competitive programs give students access to the best Swiss universities like ETH Zürich or University St. Gallen. HIF Swiss International School has an excellent track record of students studying at Swiss universities.

4. Cultural diversity

Students are drawn to Swiss schools from across the globe, making the school population incredibly diverse. HIF Swiss International School is a perfect example: a mix of regional students from the surrounding villages share the classroom with over 10 nationalities from China to Germany.

5. Multilingualism at the heart of Europe

With the four official languages of Switzerland French, German, Italian, and Romansh, not to mention the increasing use of English in business and a large number of English speakers, language exposure and learning is a key part of the Swiss boarding school experience. At the heart of Europe, Switzerland boarders Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, France and Italy and provide access to an incredibly diverse history and culture.

6. Financial stability

Switzerland has one of the most stable economies in the world, thanks to the Swiss franc. This stability attracts investors from all over the world, making banking and finance the main sectors supporting the Swiss economy. There are no fluctuations and surprises in prices and in exchange rates. A family with an education budget appreciates stability and can plan many years ahead.

7. A world-class public transportation system

Switzerland's public transport network is extensive, safe and efficient. Switzerland possesses one of the world’s most reliable public transportation services, which makes reaching even the most remote parts of the country relatively easy. In the Engadine, where the HIF Swiss International School has its home, commuters even travel to work on UNESCO World Heritage Rhaetian Railways.

8. Stunning natural environment

Switzerland has one of the finest natural landscapes in the world. Known for its awe-inspiring mountains, lakes, rivers, and traditional towns, Switzerland is a rich and beautiful place to live and study. Who doesn’t want to study in a place like HIF Swiss International School nestled at 1,700 meters above sea level in the heart of the Swiss Alps?

9. Outdoor sports and recreation

Students studying at boarding schools in Switzerland have access to world-class ski slopes, hiking and mountain bike trails. HIF Swiss International School and Sports Academy is one of Switzerland’s leading sports schools with a proud legacy of producing top performers in the classroom, on the slopes and ski tracks, on the sports field and on the golf course. HIF is the school of Olympic and World champions who made their first attempts on skis or a snowboard on the slopes and cross-country ski tracks of the Engadine.

10. Dream Destination

Switzerland also tops as a tourist destination both in winter and summer, not only for pleasure but also to study. Summer Camps are a very efficient way to improve and deepen one’s knowledge of English or German. The HIF International Summer Adventure Camp 2020 is a great example of two weeks of educational excellence, outdoor sports, and breathtaking natural beauty.

HIF participates in the World Education Fair in Bucharest and can talk directly with the school representative! Or fill out a form below and an IntegralEdu consultant will contact you to set up a meeting or discuss all the necessary details.

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